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Online training with Digifom eLearning.

Facts you should know


More than a quarter of new employees terminate their employment during the initial period.


Do not have defined processes to pass on feedback from new employees.


Every second company has difficulties with the team integration of new employees.

Structured induction

With a professional onboarding you ensure that new employees are quickly and effectively trained A structured initial period already has a great influence on employee loyalty. Before the first day, you can already reach your employees with eLearning.

How does online training work?

We take a close look at your process. Afterwards we transform the important information into an eLearning solution. Afterwards you can easily provide new employees with initial information.

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Employees who are up and running faster

  • Start before the first day
  • All contents available at any time
  • Structured and organized
  • Feedback & better satisfaction
Advantages for your company
  • Train new employees faster
  • Simulate first procedures and processes
  • Less effort for experienced colleagues
  • Important information before the first day
  • Welcome structure and employee retention
  • Measurable and sustainable with didactic quality
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Insight into our work

We create didactic content that your employees can understand directly. 

Animated videos, e.g. to explain processes, procedures or products. Especially at the beginning fears are reduced.

Often a picture says more than a thousand words. This is precisely why we transform incomprehensible texts and processes into images.

Surely you have had difficulties with software before. We notice this again and again with new employees. This is exactly why we create screencasts, i.e. screen shots of programs.

What is routine for experienced employees does not have to be routine for new colleagues. Therefore we create didactic checklists, which are available online at any time and can be printed out.

We create complete online courses for the induction of your new employees. Structured, simple and measurable.

An info graphic cannot always optimally cover the entire process. We record with you important information from experienced employees.

You already have a structured induction plan and are looking for further training content instead? Then take a look at our further training offer.

Satisfied employees right from the start

Just as you would like to know about flying before departure, so it is with new employees.

We will work with you to ensure a smooth start.

Do you have any questions? We the answers.

Certainly you are already using materials for familiarization or experienced colleagues in the company who have a plan what is important in the early days. Exactly this is our working basis. We check all materials for comprehensibility and relevance. In addition, we work with you to create new learning content that will help your new employees at any time and are directly available online. This can be, for example, an online checklist, a short video on a process or a telephone guide. The advantage: created once and benefit in the long term.

Many of the training content that we create is not necessarily tied to your or our solution. This can be, for example, a welcome video or an info graphic for explaining the product range. On the other hand, it is usually possible to transfer your content quickly into our system without any problems. Just contact our team and we will find the best way.

In the initial phase as well as in the further course we check the success of your induction and collect important feedback from the employees. Our content is always interactive, so that your employees have more fun with new content and processes. This is often not the case with a long lecture or video.

Yes, we have developed a cost calculator that shows you how much you can save. Just click on the link.

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