Synonyms: probationary period, employee integration

Definition: Onboarding

The term "onboarding" comes from the field of personnel management and refers to the training of new employees. It is a part of recruiting or recruitment. Onboarding is derived from the English language and means, translated, the "taking on board" of new employees. A new employee goes through three stages of onboarding:

  1. Preparation: Installation of the new workplace.
  2. Orientation: understanding values and structures.
  3. Integration: affiliation and introduction in the company.

Even before the new employee experiences his or her first day at work, the so-called "pre-onboarding", i.e. preparation, already begins. A well-structured onboarding is coordinated with the recruiting process. Familiarization can take place in different ways. For example, with the help of a checklist or e-learning.